APC Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

APC Health, Safety & Environmental Policy
APC Health, Safety & Environmental Policy
  • Our aim is to quantify our goals and performance in measurable standards that will help guide us to zero incidents and eliminate pollution.
  • Management leads by example – each individual in the company is taken responsible of their actions in and out of company premises. APC deems all its employees responsible for appropriate HSE conduct.
  • Employment at APC stands on HSE achievements and demonstrated by responsible acts and behavior.
  • Employees are encouraged to STOP work where they see any possible harm that may result as a consequence.
  • Business decisions and plans are first established based on HSE evaluations , risks & impact assessments.
  • HSE audits are conducted on operational jobs, labs, facilities and offices randomly and periodically.


APC Management, employees, consultants and third party personnel are required to:

  • Comply with HSE policies and standards as well as local environmental regulatory requirements.
  • Incorporate HSE evaluations, risks & impact assessments within every business decision.
  • Communicate openly & ensure the understanding of HS&E policies, risks and consequences
  • To follow appropriate and prompt response techniques to potential HSE injuries.

APC Oilfield Services HSE Employee Handbook includes but is not limited to Office Safety Guidelines, workshop safety guidelines, basic industrial safety guidelines, basic electric safety guidelines, well site guidelines, fire and emergencies guidelines, Wireline & perforating activity guidelines and vehicle safety guidelines.

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